SUP YO  (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga)

Practice Yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard!
Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) just happen to go together very well. Doing yoga on a paddleboard enhances the yoga workout. The paddleboard makes a fine yoga mat and the extra balance required by being on the water intensifies the yoga routine. The peacefulness and tranquility of floating on the water combines nicely with the meditative nature of yoga.
  • Increase Focus & Concentration
  • Increase Balance & Core Strength
  • Connect with Nature
Challenge your practice with SUP YO!


Classes held in Swampscott MA, Beverly MA, Rye Harbor NH and Seabrook NH.
$35 per 75 minute class. Includes board, paddle, anchor and life vest
$25 BYOB (Bring your own board)
$75 Private Class (single student)

If you plan on bringing your own board, please enter the coupon code “BYOB” when registering below for $10 off the ticket price for the class! *Please note, BYOB space is limited unless you provide your own anchor*


Space is limited – View our schedule to register for classes in advance —>



SPRING BREAK: BAJA! One of our local celebs, Jana Olenio of SUP YO (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga) took her practice across the country and into the ocean this past week! Suited up in our Board Balance Sport Top and Sandy Savasana Bottom she’s killin’ it! We can’t wait til the weather’s nice and we can ride the surf with ya, too! -Lululemon Athletica, Burlington Mall